Marina Tamayo (teaching)

“Teaching is a passion and a privilege!” (M. Tamayo)

Marina Tamayo over the last 38 years has taught, nurtured and inspired thousands of students,  dancers, artists, musicians and members of the general public.

Tamayo works as a guest and resident teacher for Ballet Institutions, Flamenco Academies, Dance Companies, TAFE and Universities worldwide.

Teaching Objectives

  • To develop a platform of support for aspiring and professional artists training in both Australia and Spain through preparing individual educative training programs.
  • To offer accessible and comprehensive Flamenco education by engaging professionals and the community in informative fun filledClasses, Open Forums , and workshops.
  • To ensure the art of Flamenco is practised and shared in its traditional non institutionalised form by open teaching methods, encouraging improvisation and performance in each individual. By respecting the uniqueness of each student, both student and teacher work towards finding together a common voice through this art form.

Teaching Methodology

My education degree and experience  has provided me with the the critical strategies and tools needed for mindful and intentional teaching practise. As a musician and dance artist, I understand the value of synthesizing various approaches for interpretation, understanding, and appreciation of all Dance & Music styles. This has prepared me for teaching the art of Flamenco from a wide variety of perspectives.

I believe that students who are exposed to many different techniques, forms, styles and approaches find Flamenco much more understandable than classes or courses that focus only on the one form…

“… Marina is clearly dedicated to assisting otherdancers to achieve their potential.”
Studio Flamenco SA [ click for reference ]

… One of the fundamentals of a teacher is to recognize the inherently different learning approaches of students. My goal is to apply diverse methodologies in order to connect with the various students and their levels, as well as to challenge them to learn how to learn in a variety of ways.

The greatest potential for teaching and learning occurs when both the teacher and the students engage openly to new and different methods, suiting each individual…

“… she has a great rapport with her students and provides positive encouragement and feedback…”
Michaela Walker [ click for reference ]

… For me, there are no two students absorbing information in the exact same way.

An inspired artistic teacher yields inspired and well-educated artists!

Marina Lee Tamayo

“…In my opinion Marina did an outstanding job with these 16 dancers…”
Athelstone Calisthenic College [ click for reference ]

Teaching History

Marina has taught and lectured at many Institutions locations worldwide since 1984 including the following:

  • Classical Ballet 121, St Leonards 2017 – current.
  • Ribbleton Warmbloods Academy for MovementART 2020- current.
  • Rudolf Steiner Primary School Spanish Dance, Belrose. 2011 (term 2)
  • Warringah Performing Arts School, Brookvale. 2009 – 2011
  • BODYSHAPE Female Fitness Flamenco fitness for Fun Program. 2009 – 2011
  • Australia Catholic University. (performance)
  • Manly Warringah Council Tramshed Community Centre. 2009 -2010
  • Hobart John Colvin Stand Workshops, Tasmania. 2010 (Beginners to Intermediate levels)
  • Casa da Xoventude Asociacion Xuntanza. Galicia, Spain. 2002 -2008 (summer flamenco classes)
  • ABC Day Care Centre, Warriewood. 2008 (flamenco for toddlers)
  • Pittwater Council Avalon Recreation Centre. 2004 – 2010
  • Tablao Al Andalus, Galicia. 2004 -2005 (flamenco classes adults/children)
  • El Camborio studios. Madrid, Spain. 2001-2002 (flamenco classes adults)
  • Los estudios. Santiago, Chile. (adults)
  • El Instituto de Las Bellas Artes. Buenos Aires, Argentina. (adults)
  • The Antonio Vargas Flamenco Dance Theatre Studios. Newtown, NSW. 1988 (movement adults)
  • Pittwater Council. 2003-2009 (flamenco classes adults/children)
  • Manly Warringah Community College. 2004-2006 (flamenco classes adults)
  • Darlinghurst Primary School. 2000 (childrens movement classess)
  • Hairdressers & Cosmetologists Employers Association. 1991 (choreography Wolf Blass Wineries)
  • The Spanish Community Club of South Australia. 1991 (flamenco choreography)
  • Centre For the Performing Arts Studios. 1989 (SA flamenco classes)
  • The Sydney Dance Company Studios, Sydney. 1999 (flamenco)
  • The Australian Dance Theatre, Adelaide. (flamenco workshop)
  • Bellingen Flamenco Festival. 2001 (flamenco workshops)
  • TAFE. SA. Tourism & Recreation. 1992 (flamenco Studies)
  • The Spanish School of Dance, NSW. 1998 (flamenco classes adults beginners)
  • World Dance Centre. El Teatro del Mundo, SA. 2004 (flamenco workshops for beginner/intermediate levels)
  • The Triana School of Flamenco Dance with Veronica Varga & Titi de Algeciras. 2003-2005 (advanced flamenco workshops)
  • Athelstone Calisthenic College. 1989-1990 (flamenco choreography for national comps)
  • The Centre For the Performing Arts CPA. 1994 (flamenco classes)
  • Carclew Youth Arts Centre. 1996 (flamenco)
  • Mt Barker Primary School. 1997 (flamenco & movement classes)
  • Australian Dance Theatre. 1985 (SA flamenco masterclass)
  • Norwood Ballet Centre, SA. 1983-1986 (Jazz/movement classes)
  • Kerry Obriens Fitness centre. 1984-1989 (dance Instructor)


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