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Family tree, Carmona-Guerrero , Montes-Tamayo. – de Granada. 


Photo by M. Tamayo, Broken Hill, NSW 2021. Copyright. Do not use without permission.


Marina is described as an artist possessing ‘duende’ – gitana.  Professional colleagues Antonio Vargas  described her as “a dancer that holds nothing back” and recent dance partner, colleague Aitor Hernandez  described Marina as  “one of the most powerful artists I have met on stage, crafting magic in her every movement” .

As a soloist, Marina has performed in Theatre, commercial and independent Television, Short  and international feature Film, national and international contemporary dance and curated arts festivals.  Her interest in artistic cutting edge and independent projects has been at the forefront of her performing career.

Marina is a freelance teacher and choreographer.  Her first position was as Jazz teacher at the Norwood Ballet Centre in 1983, and Dance Instructor at Kerry O’Briens Dance dept. In the early 90’s, Marina founded the Adelaide Hills Performing Arts Centre, a rural academy dedicated to providing performing arts to the farming community.  Marina hired six qualified staff and they delivered Ballet (RAD and ADAP), Jazz, Modern, Tap, Flamenco, Martial Arts and Drama Musical Theatre, for a span of six years. Classes were paid by a minimum donation.

In 1998, to further advance her dancing career, Marina handed the school over to the staff and moved to Sydney. Her first position was at The Sydney Dance Company Public classes.

Over the past twenty five years Flamenco Australia hosted international artists in the effort to bridging the gap between the two countries, by building national and international arts market engagement, supporting, producing workshops, tours and shows for local, urban and remote regional Australia with artists from both Australia and Spain.

Marina has been featured in several Spanish books, music videos and University research documentary thesis papers. Her passion has inspired Poets, Painters, Writers, Directors by captivating their imagination. Some of the work or books she features in are Roger James, Bringing Back the Damsons Meditative Poems – North Sydney Studio of Dancing,  Nellie Bennet, Only in SPAIN – The New Season, Where’s your Culo?, Miguel Maestre Cooking Bookings, TAPAS Vol I & vol II. 


Photo by M. Tamayo Broken Hill, NSW 2021. Copyright. Do not use without permission.

As a choreographer, Marina specialises in theatre, television and film.   There is always interest to extend her collaboration outside the arts  and cross promote with other professionals, like Spanish Ambassador of Culture Miguel Maestre in his marketing Spanish culinary campaigns and TV shows, Paulette Clark at Ribbleton Warmbloods as the worldwide MovementART Master instructor and local business operator Kevin Bowen at Alegrias Spanish Restaurant, choreographing and managing their Spanish dance entertainment.

Marina’s choreographic partnerships include international artists Michael BoydAme Delves , Carmelo Pizzino (GPO Cabaret, 2005 – 2010); Aitor Hernandez   (Nacional Ballert of Spain) and Jesus Olmedo (London Flamenco Soul) from Madrid (Tablao, Theatre, 2009 – 2019).

 In 2021,  Marina received an opportunity to choreograph and work on the feature film CARMEN by Benjamin Millepead. Marina coached and worked on screen  alongside the talented actress from Pedro Amolvodovar films Rossy D’Palma Melissa Barrera (Film) from Scream, Paul Mescal who just finished the series Normal People and  Director/choreographer Benjamin Millepead (former dancer, choreographer of the American Ballet Theatre and Opera Ballet of Paris).

Recently, Marina received a nomination at The Australian Dance Awards 2018, for her ‘Service to Dance’, presented by the Australian Dance Council. Marina is recognised for her commitment, passion and dedication to the arts, cultural community sectors and her extensive contributions which scope both education, and business in Australia, spanning over thirty eight years.

Jesus Olmedo y Marina Tamayo

INERTIA. Photo by Adam Sills, 2016. Peacock Theatre, Tasmania. Copyright. Do not use photo without permission. 

The nominations are a reflection of her relentless  determination and risk taking in combining traditional and classical Flamenco & Folk styles with contemporary dance to preserve, promote  Spanish and Gypsy culture to a contemporary Australian society.  In addition, these awards also represents the changing scope of inclusive cultural arts in Australian mainstream society.

The nomination followed a successful tour from New Zealand and sold out shows for the contemporary Flamenco Dance Theatre work, EMERALD. Tamayo feels this nomination recognizes her thirty eight years of contributions to Spanish Dance in Australia. This production was a contemporary collaborative work with former dancer of the  Ballet Nacional de España Aitor Hernandez, Hernandez Tamayo Spanish Dance Theatre, Professor Kelly Cawthon Drummond and Doctor Neralie Wise – Residency/Sponsorship, Aaaron Lee –  Music Editor, Jonathon Abatte Ramirez – Guitarist, Jason James – Lighting Design, Les Allistair – Set Design, and James Penrose  – Costume Design.

Currently, Marina is the resident Spanish Dance teacher alongside former Royal Ballet Company dancers Gillie Reevie and Iohna Loots at Classical Ballet 121 (fulltime ballet academy). 



EMERALD. Photo by M. Tamayo. Hobart MOVES Contemporary Dance   Festival, 2018. Copyright. Do not use without permission. 

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EMERALD, crossed various dance disciplines, and was presented in a contemporary format.  It was constructed through an arts residency of Professor Kelly Drummond-Cawthon and premiered in Hobart, Tasmania, NSW  at the MOVE Contemporary Dance Festival. It was included into the Festival of Auckland Arts program and was presented at the Auckland Fringe, New Zealand season. The show received five stars and rave theatre reviews. EMERALD picked another award for its courtier costumes designed by James Penrose (Melbourne) and Hernandez Tamayo at the Auckland Fringe Festival, New Zealand, 2020 for ‘Best Costuming’.

“…marina’s devotion to dance is insatiable as I found out when
she performed with me onstage …” Antonio Vargas


Marina is a classically trained musician and studied at The Conservatorium of Music in Piano, SA – SA School of Music studying music composition, School of Audio Engineering obtaining a Diploma in Audio Engineering & Certificate in Production Engineering, SAE Studios,  and has a Bachelor of Education from Curtin University.

Marina has studied Metaphysics, Contract Law, Critical Thinking at Macquarie University,  RAD and Cecchetti Ballet, and comprehensively studied Flamenco in Spain, mostly in Madrid  Granada,  and Jerez. 

Marina was the Founder and Director for the Adelaide Hills Performing Arts Centre, South Australian rep for ADAP – The Australian Dance Assessment Programme 1993 – 1998, and is currently the Director of Flamenco Australia , Co- Artistic Director of Hernandez Tamayo Spanish Dance Theatre, and Flamenco Sydney.

Full dance training CV on the TRAINING page.

Multi award nominated Choreographer and Performer.

FOLKMENCO Photo by Sandi Sissel, 2017 Moonah Arts, Tasmania. Copyright. Permission needed to use photo.

As a choreographer, Marina is dedicated to quality and authentic creative process. As an advocate for social justice, Marina promotes inquiry inside and outside boundaries to promote discussion, challenge ideas, assumptions in varied contexts. The purpose of this deep inquiry is to contribute towards social change for human equity.

Marina’s theatre works are guided by folklore and storytelling. These choreographies often explore human nature, our needs for connection and include personal narratives. Tamayo’s intentions are for  her dance performances and choreographic contributions inspire her audience, and they contribute to a more mindful society.

Marina Tamayo

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Hernandez Tamayo

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“Dance is the timeless interpretation of life” Shah Asaad Rizvi

“Dance is the timeless interpretation of life” Shah Asaad Rizvi

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