Marina Tamayo (bio)

Artist name Marina  Tamayo. Family tree, Carmona-Guerrero , Montes-Tamayo. – de Granada. 


Marina is described as an artist possessing ‘duende’ – gitana.  Professional colleagues Antonio Vargas  described her as ‘a dancer that holds nothing back’ and dance partner, colleague Aitor Hernandez  described Marina as  “one of the most powerful artists I have met on stage, crafting magic in her every movement” Marina Tamayo is high energy, elegant, furious and pure heart.

Marina has performed in Theatre, Commercial and Independent Television, Short Film and at Festivals as a featured soloist throughout her performance career and has worked on the artistic cutting edge and independent projects with both local and international artists.

During the last decade, Marina has worked mostly on choreography and teaching.  Currently, Tamayo is the Spanish Dance teacher alongside Royal ballet trained dancers/teachers  Gillie Reevie and Iohna Loots at Classical Ballet 121 (fulltime ballet academy).   

Marina is a master choreographer and performer for contemporary and traditional Spanish Dance works. Tamayo specialises in theatre, television and film and designs performances dance festivals, tablao and cabaret.  For school aged students, Marina has won a plentitude of Commonwealth Eisteddfods competitions in all categories. Tamayo collaborates not only with artists  but also and professionals like Spanish Ambassador of Culture Miguel Maestre in his marketing campaigns, Paulette Clark at Ribbleton Warmbloods as Movement Master and Kevin Bowen at Alegrias Spanish Restaurant, choreographing and managing their Spanish dance enterainment.

Recently, Tamayo gained National recognition for her contemporary dance work, EMERALD. This production was directed, produced and performed by Hernandez Tamayo Spanish Dance Theatre (Aitor Hernandez and Marina Tamayo). The Australian Dance Council awarded Hernandez Tamayo with a finalist nomination in the category  ‘Outstanding Achievement in Choreography ‘ 2018, at the Australian Dance Awards. In addition, EMERALD picked another award for its courtier designed by James Penrose (Melbourne) and Hernandez Tamayo for ‘Best Costuming’ at the Auckland Fringe Festival, New Zealand, 2020.

“…marina’s devotion to dance is insatiable as I found out when
she performed with me onstage …” [click for reference]


Marinas passion is to dance. With an extensive performance history, Marina has been able to collaborate with international artists for  stage and within institutions. Tamayo shares her knowledge and expertise training full time dancers for performance. 

Her contributions to the dance community in Spain and Australia has been vast and comprehensive spanning to date a young 40 years. Tamayos’ commitment to dance  was formally recognised by the Australian Dance Council and awarded a nomination as a finalist in ‘Services To Dance’ category at the 2017 Australian Dance Awards.

Marina was the Founder and Director for the Adelaide Hills Performing Arts Centre, South Australian rep for ADAP – The Australian Dance Assessment Programme 1993 – 1998,  is currently the Director of Flamenco Australia , Co- Artistic Director of Hernandez Tamayo Spanish Dance Theatre, and Flamenco Sydney 1998 – current.

“…she has transformed into a dynamic and graceful dancer keeping nothing back …” [click for reference]

Marina is a classically trained musician and studied at The Conservatorium of Music in Piano, SA – SA School of Music studying music composition, School of Audio Engineering obtaining a Diploma in Audio Engineering & Certificate in Production Engineering, SAE Studios,  and has a Bachelor of Education from Curtin University. Marina has studied RAD and Cecchetti Ballet, and comprehensively studied Flamenco in Spain, mostly in Madrid and Granada,  Jerez. 


Full dance training CV on the TRAINING page.

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