Marina Tamayo (bio)

Artist name Marina  Tamayo. Family tree, Carmona-Guerrero , Montes-Tamayo. – de Granada. Ortigas – de San Negros.


Since the late 70’s Marina Tamayo has been performing as a professional on Australian stages. Tamayo was described as one of Australia’s young great talents displaying at an early age her maturity in Flamenco and Flamenco Fusions.

Marina had been described within the Spanish Community as being ‘Gitana’ possessing ‘duende’ the highest praises that can be given from within the flamenco circles. Once described by Flamenco Artist Antonio Vargas as ‘a dancer that holds nothing back’ and former dance partner Aitor Hernandez ” Marina is one of the most powerful artists I have met on stage, crafting magic in her every movement” Marina Tamayo is high energy, elegant, furious and pure heart.

“The success of the centre was attributed to Marina’s ability to provide
a creative atmosphere and quality training…” [click for reference]

If we trace her Granadina bloodline its easy to see her artistic influences. Marina has performed in Theatre, Commercial and Independent Television, Short Film and at Festivals as a featured soloist throughout her career and has worked on the artistic cutting edge and independent projects with both local and international artists.

During the last decade, Marina has worked mostly on choreography and teaching with the last few years balancing her professional career with the raising of her young children, in Australia and Spain. Marina choreographs contemporary and traditional works for theatre, film, web, fashion industry, tablao and cabaret.

“…marina’s devotion to dance is insatiable as I found out when
she performed with me onstage …” [click for reference]

Marina passion is in the training of high-level students for performance, and also dedicates her time in providing career paths for her students in teaching, training overseas and private coaching. Describing herself as a multidisciplinary artist, Marina encourages all whom study with her to train in Ballet or contemporary dance styles.

Marina continues her on going support for local artists funding their promotion and producing Flamenco shows within the community.

Her contributions to the Flamenco community in Spain and Australia has been vast and comprehensive spanning to date a young 38years.

Marina was the Founder and Director for the Adelaide Hills Performing Arts Centre, South Australian rep for ADAP – The Australian Dance Assessment Programme 1993 – 1998,  Dance Council is currently the Director of Flamenco Australia , Flamenco Sydney 1998 – current.

“…she has transformed into a dynamic and graceful dancer keeping nothing back …” [click for reference]

Marina is a classically trained musician and studied at The Conservatorium of Music in Piano, SA – SA School of Music studying music composition, School of Audio Engineering obtaining a Diploma in Audio Engineering & Certificate in Production Engineering, SAE Studios, Bachelor of Education from Curtin University.
Further musical studies have also included studies of Cello, Oboe, Pandereta, Castanets ,currently Flamenco Piano & Cajón. Marina is currently studying to gain her Bachelor of early childhood education.

Academic studies include: Project Management, Contract Law, Negotiations, Effective Communications, Implementation and holds the following: Certificate in Business Systems Analysis – TAFE, Certificate in Fitness Leadership (Theory) – TAFE, Certificates AMEB Pianoforte & Theory – SA Conservatorium of Music, Certificates RAD /Cechetti Elementary, Music Composition – School of Music, Certificate in ProductionEngineering – SAE, Diploma in Audio Engineering – SAE, Assoc. Diploma Information Systems Design – TAFE. Senior First Aid Certificate 2009.

Full dance training CV on the TRAINING page.

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