Flamenco Australia™ – “We are Australia’s premiere National Agency providing corporate and educational institutions services in all things authentically Spanish. Chefs, catering, models, Flamenco dancers and Spanish musicians, entertainment for schools, education institutions, corporate events, advertising, film and television appearances nation-wide.”
Sydney 0415 384 038
Flamenco Sydney™ – “Professional coaching for dancers January – November in: Sydney CBD, Mosman, South Hobart.  – Marina 0415 384 038.
A flamenco trio or full stage productions.
Beginner course intake only twice per year. January and July.
Cultural Educational Programs – “Interactive and engaging programs on ‘Spanish and Flamenco culture’ . Offered to early learning centres, primary schools, secondary colleges, tertiary institutions, dance academies, ballet schools, and tourism institutes across Australia. Currently offered to Melbourne – Sydney – Hobart.

Flamenco Dance Class - FAQs

WHERE are we situated?

Our flamenco dance classes in Sydney are held in the CBD (next to QVB) + Mosman, and South Hobart, Tasmania . As you scroll down you’ll see our studio maps and timetable. Workshops are held Nation-wide across Australia.

When can I start?

Twice a year we offer beginner courses; January and July.  If you are keen to put your name on our wait list please send us an email. Professional coaching for Beginners with experience to Advanced levels are ongoing throughout the year. Classes run on a Tuesday – Sundays.

HOW much does it cost?

Beginner courses (1hr x 4 are only $140, children 10-week terms are $275.00 and adult intermediate classes (1.5hr x 4)  $250.

WHAT should you wear?

Loose clothing (a skirt for women) and comfortable character shoes (boots for men) with a sturdy and wide Cuban style heel.

DO I need any previous dance experience?

We cater for all levels from zero dance experience to professional flamenco dance training for professionals.

DO I need a partner for the class?

While our flamenco classes are open to both Men and Women, you do not need a partner to dance flamenco choreography.

Our Passionate Flamenco Dance Teachers

Marina Tamayo
Director and Principal

Marina Tamayo is the director of the “Flamenco Del Mar” company and the principle teacher at Flamenco Australia. Whether you’re a new beginner or a seasoned professional you’ll find Marina’s classes fun, challenging, supportive and inspirational.

Aitor Hernandez Sanzano
Resident Teacher

Aitor Hernandez Sanzano from Madrid, is our resident international dance teacher for 2017 with an extension in 2018. A professional dancer (classical, Spanish, flamenco and contemporary dance forms) from the Ballet Nacional de Espana and artist of Rafael Armago’s Flamenco dance company, Aitor is an elite dancer at the top of his field. Stunning to watch and a wonderful teacher, Aitor displays mastery of his craft not seen in Australia.

Resident Artists – International Artist from Feb 2018

Jesus Olmedo comes direct from Spain visiting our studios regularly.  Olmedo is graduate from the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza, Madrid and has mastered his craft in Flamenco (also has ballet technique). February till June 2018 will be an exciting time to part of our awesome community.

Flamenco Class Timetable – Sydney


Studio Locations

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Sydney CBD

375 George st


21 Best Ave Mosman


14 Weld street, South Hobart

CALL – 0415 384 038 for availability.