Online Flamenco Tuition

Flamenco Dance, Singing, Castanets, Guitar, and Percussion delivered online and in studio, Mosman. In response to the COVID 19 global pandemic, our classes are offered both online and in the studio for experienced dancers. There are no absolute beginner classes offered. However, there is a foundation course for adult or school children dancers with 3 to 5 years dance experience, in any genre. held in Mosman only.

All classes are delivered by master teachers. In various classes, we are streaming directly from Spain and Sydney. All the content is authentic, inclusive, and tailored for every learning environment and student need.

Flamenco Australia™ – “Has over thirty -eight years in the industry. Formed in 1998, we are Australia’s premier National Agency providing corporate and educational institutions services in all things authentically Spanish. Chefs, catering, models, Flamenco, Folk, and professional Spanish dancers and musicians, entertainment for schools, education institutions, corporate events, advertising, film and television appearances nation-wide.”
Sydney 0415 384 038
Flamenco Sydney™ – Professional online and in-studio coaching for experienced dancers only. 
Online Cultural Educational Programs – “Interactive and engaging programs on ‘Spanish and Flamenco culture’. Offered to early learning centers, primary schools, secondary colleges, tertiary institutions, dance academies, ballet schools, and tourism institutes across Australia.

Marina Tamayo
Director and Principal

Marina Tamayo Sydney based. Principal teacher and Director of Flamenco Australia. As an artist and teacher, Marina offers classes by appointment. Marina’s teaching boasts a stellar thirty-eight-years. Tamayo is dedicated to the creative process, devising shows in collaboration with artists from alternative genre and media. In addition, Tamayo dedicates time to training students. Recently, Marina partnered with Aitor Hernandez Sanzano former dancer from the Nacional Ballet of Spain forming Australia’s first professional Spanish Dance Theatre company Hernandez Tamayo Spanish Dance Theatre.  The company enjoyed several tours, national and international tours. Hernandez & Tamayo have been honoured as finalists in the Australian Dance Awards  2020, for ” Outstanding Achievement in Choreography in 2019″ for the production EMERALD. In addition, Tamayo picked up a second nomination for her “Services to Dance” creating opportunities for engagement in remote, urban and international platforms, 2018.  

Aitor Hernandez Sanzano
International Artist

Aitor Hernandez Sanzano Madrid based.  Aitor resided in Australia as our resident international dance teacher for four years. A professional dancer  in various forms including classical, Spanish, folk, flamenco and contemporary dance forms. He is a former dancer from the Ballet Nacional de Espana, dance artist of Aida Gomez, Belen Lopez, Rafael Armago’s and Sergio Bernal Flamenco dance company. Aitor is an elite Spanish classical and folk dancer, at the top of his field.  An incredible artist, generous technically disciplined teacher, Aitor displays mastery of his craft not seen on Australia stages. 
Hernandez & Tamayo have been honored as finalists in the Australian Dance Awards  2020 for ” Outstanding Achievement in Choreography in 2019 for their production EMERALD.

Due to COVID restrictions and closed international borders, Aitor is in Spain. In the interim, he has joined Sergio Bernal and Aida Gomez touring Europe throughout 2021. (No classes available). 

Jesus Olmedo  


Jesus Olmedo Spain. Jesus Olmedo is graduate from the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza, Madrid and has mastered his craft in Flamenco (also has ballet technique). Olmedo is an exceptional Flamenco dancer and teacher. He is a master of complex rhythms, challenging footwork and traditional lines. He is a hard worker, disciplined teacher, driving the class to it’s optimum potential.
Olmedo is an elite dancer, performer at the top of his craft, a master of Flamenco dance, exciting to watch and learn from. Jesus joins Marina in weekly online schedule classes offering students Theory of Dance and Cante,  Guitar and Percussion. These weekly classes provide dancers with theoretical and applied knowledge of traditional songs, dance and guitar, gaining a deep understanding of the song, how to sing it, how to dance, sing with the guitar. The classes emphasise the connection between song, dance and guitar by informing the students with the knowledge and provide access to the tools needed to improvise. 
Classes available in group or privately .

CALL or SMS – 0415 384 038 for any queries