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Choreographer Marina Tamayo has 40 years of professional stage, film and television experience. As a distinguished international performer and choreographer, Tamayo creates the authenticity, drama and immersion of artistic Spanish and Gypsy story-telling.

Tamayo brings to Flamenco Australia a professional 5 star reputation. With an impressive long term A-listed clientele database, FA has been working alongside the best in film, television, video, theatre, fashion runway, promotional and marketing campaigns, award winning hospitality venues, and event planners.

We bring Spanish Dance Theatre excitement to your bespoke event, or project.

Flamenco Australia. Photo by Rachel Pigott. No reproduction without permission. Copyright 2021.

Tamayo’s services include commercial, artistic exploration, contemporary and traditional formats.

Dia Internacional de la Danza, 2021.

Marina Tamayo invited guest for INTERNATIONAL DANCE DAY 2021 – DIA INTERNACIONAL DE LA DANZA 2021 by Maria Pages, Spain. El Centro Coreográfico María Pages de Fuenlabrada, por segundo año consecutivo ha creado un vídeo para conmemorar el Dia Internacional de la Danza.


Marina Tamayo

Marina Tamayo Sydney based, Director of Flamenco Australia. As an artist and teacher, Marina offers Spanish choreography and authenticity consultation services and has performed, taught and choreographed globally, for over 38 years.  

As a choreographer, Marina Tamayo has dedicated 40 years to producing dance works for theatre, cabaret, TV, video and film.  She began creating for Eisteddfod and regional school academy work for approximately 15 years then, festival and television, runway and corporate RSL shows.

She trained both in Ballet and Flamenco. Ballet studies during 1972 – 1984 and then in Spain studying Flamenco in 1984, both with the gypsies of Sacromonte (where her family is from) and in professional Flamenco dance institutions such as Amor de Dios, Mariquilla Granada 1984 – 2008, Paco Torres, Luis de Luis, Ester Marin, Manolete, Belen Maya & Mario Maya de Granada,  and Graciela Rios Saiz, Argentina.

In 1998, Tamayo founded Flamenco Australia. The purpose was to make Spanish arts accessible in rural, national and international arts market. This is achieved by, creating new and building on  existing participants and observers in education, classes and performances. In 2018, Tamayo was formally recognised by the Australian Arts Council for her contributions to the Australian Arts industry as a nominee, in the The Australian Dance Awards 2018,  for her ‘Service to Dance’

Some of the most recent contributions:

Another great passion, is creating holistic curriculum, and guiding dance protocols that are rich in culture, and authenticity.  The aim is to immerse, broaden and benefit students cultural dance experience. In 2021, Tamayo prepared the curriculum for Spanish  and Flamenco dance studies in the Australian Teachers of Dancing full time Certificate 4 and Advanced Diploma in elite Performance. 

Recently, in 2021 Tamayo has been working with former Artistic Director of The American Ballet Benjamin Millepead, as choreographer and performer in his latest project, feature film ‘ Carmen’.

Currently, Marina is giving weekly general Flamenco classes at, The Sydney Choreographic Centre and Mosman Dance Academy.

 Qualifications and studies include Ballet in ADAP, RAD and Cecchetti  methods, holds a Bachelor of Education from Curtin University, studied Classical Pianoforte Music Composition and Theory at AMEDB The Conservatorium of Music,  Certificate in Business Analysis, Project Management, Diploma in Audio Engineering and has Postgraduate studies in Production Sound Engineering. 

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