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Flamenco Sydney™ – Professional online and in-studio coaching for experienced dancers only.


Marina Tamayo
Director and Principal

Jesus Olmedo Spain. Jesus Olmedo is graduate from the Real Conservatorio Profesional de Danza, Madrid and has mastered his craft in Flamenco (also has ballet technique). Olmedo is an exceptional Flamenco dancer and teacher. He is a master of complex rhythms, challenging footwork and traditional lines. He is a hard worker, disciplined teacher, driving the class to it’s optimum potential.
Jesus joins Marina in weekly online schedule classes. They team up with singer Rut Santamaria Llorente and offer Theory of Dance and Cante,  Guitar and Percussion, in English.
These weekly classes provide dancers with theoretical and applied knowledge of traditional songs, dance and guitar, gaining a deep understanding of the song, how to sing it, how to dance, sing with the guitar. The classes emphasise the connection between song, dance and guitar by informing the students with the knowledge and provide access to the tools needed to improvise. 
Classes available in group or privately .

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