Marina Tamayo -Training

Marina Tamayo – Flamenco Training

Marina continues to study with many great artists in Australia and Spain, she has studied with some of the most influential teachers of Flamenco today including under;

  • Monolete
  • La Tati
  • Antonio Reyes
  • Manuel Reyes
  • Belén Maya
  • Rafaela Carrsaco
  • Merche Esmeralda
  • La China
  • Eli Truco
  • Belén Fernandez
  • Maria Magdelena
  • Luis de Luis y
  • Esther Marin Garcia.

Marina studied mostly in Jerez de la Frontera and Granada from 1984 – 2010, most recently with Luis de Luis y Ester Marin de Granada, SPAIN.

Marina also recently studied full time at The Institute of Flamenco El Amor de Dios, Casa Patas and El Comborio studio, Madrid 2003 – 2006.

“I embrace all of my past, current, future teachers and students daily thanking them for what they inspire me to achieve …” Marina Tamayo


Adelaide, AUSTRALIA; Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA; Granada, Madrid, Jerez, SPAIN.

Marina studied and has performed Flamenco for over 30 years. Marina started her dance training as a Classical Ballet & Modern Dance student in 1974 RAD with Jacqueline Johnson, Kenneth Norman, and Garry Carse.

Marina left Australia in 1984 to return to her family home and study Flamenco in Granada with the late Paco Torres. Torres was impressed by Tamayo’s natural talent and invited her to join his dance company resident at Jardines Neptuno Granada in 1984. At this time she met with her family relative guitarist Manuel Cano and was further inspired to study classical Spanish dance.

After two decades of performance work, In 2001, Marina returned to the training studios of Spain was accepted to study full time 4 years under La Tati, Merche Esmeralda, studying under, Antonio Reyes, Rafaela Carrsaco, Belen Maya, Manuel Reyes, La China and La Truco. at the prestigious Amor De Dios, Centro de Arte Flamenco y Danza Española Medalla de Plata al Mérito en Las Bellas Artes Federación de Entitades del Flamenco de la C.A. de Madrid in Flamenco Dance. Marinas’ final formal dance studies was certified & approved by the General Consulate of Spain,.

Marina furthered her studies in Buenos Aires with full-time Classical Spanish with Argentina’s acclaimed classical Spanish Dance artist Graciela Rios Saiz & Omar Urraspuro of Buenos Aires.

Recently, Marina collaborated with Jesus Olmedo and Aitor Hernandez. They are both graduates from the Conservatoires of Dance in Madrid. Olmedo is a freelance Flamenco artist and Hernadez is a former dancer from the National Ballet of Spain. Their five-year collaboration on and off stage gave them all an artistic exchange theatre and studio work. This collaboration led to national masterclasses, theatre work, and touring productions.

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