Marina Tamayo (family bloodline)


Marina is from a rich family bloodline of andaluz artists consisting of poets, guitarists, actors, painters, writers.

Marina Tamayo 2010

One of her relatives is Spain’s Manuel Cano – Spanish Guitarist Granada:1926 – 1990. Manuel Cano whom was also a renowned scholar and researcher of the flamenco guitar, whose knowledge was set forth in conferences, articles, talks at congresses and other flamenco events.

Manuel Cano was a friend of Andrés Segovia, and was a Professor of Flamenco Guitar by competitive examination at the Senior Conservatory of Music and Declamation of Cordoba, Standing Academic of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Granada and had the relevant membership of the General Authors’ Society of Spain.

Mis Hijas 2010

See some of Manuel Cano’s:

Other members of Marinas artistic family are:

  • Granada 2007: Abuela Marina 1, Mama Marina 2 y Marina 3
    Manuel Torres Fernandez – Poet Granada (published works)
  • Carmen Contreras Nievas – Painter Granada (published works)
  • Rosita Tamayo Guerrero – Poet Granada (publishedworks)

… and her mother Marina Tamayo Guerrero whom studied and performed with Teatro Español Universitario de Granada performing at El Palacio de Carlos 5th y La Plaza de Los Pasiegas, Granada.

Her mother Marina Tamayo Guerrero is actively involved with Marinas training.

» Marina’s Teaching Credits

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