Marina Tamayo is a Flamenco Dance artist/choreographer and is the Director/Founder of Flamenco Australia. Video of some students of Marina Tamayo.


Marina Tamayo Flamenco
Director & founder of Flamenco Australia

Flamenco Australia™ was founded by Marina Tamayo in 1998. 

Marina’s arrived to live in Sydney 1998. The inspiration to start the company was to fill the lack of services and support for Spanish dance artists, students in Sydney and Australia-wide.  Having experienced the lack of performing opportunities and structured training schedules with international teachers, Marina was determined to make a change by creating opportunities to connect artists, teachers to assist in building community and networking.

Marina began to offer mentorship, scholarships, performance management, sponsorships, visas  and teaching employment for aspiring and practising professionals in the industry. The company quickly gained recognition for its support and inclusiveness,  comprehensive and unique  professional services, thus becoming a recognised Producer for tours, and Artistic Director for shows.   

The company delivers educational incursion programs for both dance and music faculties, catering for all levels in public and private education sectors.

Flamenco Australia™ not only supports the professional artist but also engages local professional flamenco artists  to be mentored by herself and other invited guests from Spain.

“…how fortunate we are to express and celebrate life through music, song and dance.” Marina Tamayo
Student: Brianne Lyall, Flamenco Australia


The early days were humbling, simple and inclusive.  Tamayo began her teaching and performance career in 1982.  In 1998, Tamayo decided to make a break for Sydney to expand her network and performance opportunities.  

Tamayo began teaching Flamenco dance in an abandoned scout hall. This hall was located  on the northern beaches of NSW.  Many were unsure of Flamenco surviving the northern beaches culture however, despite the cultural differences Marina began introducing the predominant surf community with electrifying and passionate Spanish nights, at the local RSLs. These events were sold out weeks before the shows were due.

Classes began with one student. It was not long before classes were in demand. Within five years Marina was teaching hundreds of students and employed up to eight resident Spanish dance teachers, servicing multiple studio locations; Narrabeen, Manly, Brookvale, Freshwater, Curl Curl and Avalon. Marina continued to teach twenty five years later in studios located in Tasmania, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, London, Japan, New Zealand.  

Marina Tamayo, Flamenco Australia – Events

‘Tamayo used social events to engage and connect community.  Many students enjoyed participating either through performance, attendance or observation.  Sold out shows and events are regular features to the Flamenco Australia calendar’.  


Flamenco Australia would grow to have a lasting and continual impact on the Australian Flamenco and Spanish Dance scene. Tamayo’s business model and teaching methodology would change the way the industry represented itself to community,  becoming a guide for innovation on and off stage, for aspiring Spanish dancers, teachers and studio owners by changing the very nature of how studio practitioners approach student and community engagement. 

Marina Tamayo
Marina Tamayo, Flamenco Australia


Tamayo no longer teaches in the public sector, retiring from general classes. However, she continues to teach professional dancers and works as a choreographer performing for theatre and film. Her career spans forty years in the Australian Flamenco community, integrating classical and contemporary stages.  Currently, Tamayo prefers to spend time working on art house projects and exploring, innovating contemporary discourse. 



Read Marina’s full biography HERE.

Flamenco Australia presence remains as a strong contributor to the promotion of Spanish Performing Arts in Australia, it  is embedded in  its inclusive holistic and ethical dance arts practises, writing curriculum and producing professional bespoke shows. 

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