Professional Dance Training Artists in Residence Program 2020

Artists in Residence Program, 2020.

“Rarely comes a time when young artists of this calibre come to our shores with an abundance of generosity, respect and authentic delivery.” MTamayo

BASICS – INTERMEDIATE & ADVANCED Flamenco Training for Sydney in the CBD
From January 2020

Marina Tamayo Flamenco
Director & founder of Flamenco Australia

Jesus Olmedo SydneyExclusive to Flamenco Australia.

 Weekly professional dance classes

2020  Residency Instructors/Choreographers

Marina Tamayo – Flamenco

Aitor Hernandez from the Ballet Nacional de Espana – Escuela Bolera

Jesus Olmedo Royal Conservatory of Madrid – Flamenco

World class training in Australia.

Saturdays 12pm – 1.30pm



Marina Tamayo Freelance artist, Granada Trained. 

Marina is a professional freelance dancer. She has trained and performed for over thirty- eight years in Flamenco dance. She has studied Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary dance styles including folk dancing. She began studying Flamenco with the gypsies of Sacromonte, Granada, in her family town and has studied with mostly gypsy artists including Luis de Luis, Manolete, Belen Maya. Marina studied for three years full time at the Institute of Flamenco in Madrid, ‘El Amor de Dios’ alongside some of the worlds most recognized Flamenco artists of that time. As an artist, she has performed in major works for theatre, film, and videos as a soloist. In addition, Marina has been invited as guest artist to various celebrity events and festivals.

As a Director, Marina formed Flamenco Australia. She has also expanded her business to acquire Flamenco Sydney, Flamenco Hobart and has the vision to branch to other cities, towns. She has dedicated her career supporting many professional artists in Australia, with work placement and networking opportunities.

Marina has contributed to the Flamenco arts community, by developing new markets, local and abroad (regional), increased audience participation through public and community workshops and performances, curating festivals and organizing professional performances and events.

Marina has self-produced several world-class shows. These have been presented at The Adelaide Fringe Festivals, Bellingen Festival, The MOVES Festival of Contemporary Dance, The Bodies Festival of Contemporary Dance, Sydney Fringe Festivals. She has presented her theatre works including ‘Colores de la Vida’, ‘Flamenco del Mar at Camelot’ ‘The Sounds of Spain’, ‘Inertia’, ‘Folkmenco’. Her latest collaboration with Aitor Hernandez from the Ballet Nacional of Spain ‘EMERALD’ was produced by The Darlinghurst Theatre Company in 2018 and was received by a standing ovation. EMERALD has been invited to participate in and premiere in New Zealand taking part in their Sumemr Arts programme Auckland 2020. The show will stay and present at the Auckaland Fringe Festival later in the month.

Jesus Olmedo Royal Conservatory of Madrid

Jesus is an award-winning dancer and a joyful and encouraging teacher. A graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Madrid. With an impressive background in Ballet and Spanish Dance, Jesus has been fully immersed in the Spanish Flamenco community since he was 8 years old. Jesus is also a talented in percussion and flamenco guitar.

Jesus’s classes are expertly planned and integrated with good technique and meaningful milestones that bring the joy and love into an intensive support class for serious students of flamenco,  ideal for technical drills, marcaje, and traditionally structured choreography. Flamenco Australia is fortunate to have this caliber artist return frequently raising the bar of technical and artistic training.

Aitor Hernandez from the Ballet Nacional de Espana

Aitor is a professionally trained dancer graduating from the Conservatory of Madrid and gaining a performance placement in the Ballet Nacional de Espana touring Spain, Europe, and the worldwide for six years. He is a sought after professional dancer in various international dance companies including Rafael Amargo’s Dance company. With a sense of adventure and wanting to explore his creativity, Aitor left the companies to pursue his personal journey; an artistic career. Flamenco Australia is fortunate to be involved in this process.

Classes with Aitor require attention to upper body detail, presentation for stage and performance and strengthening core positions. The demands are ballet technique however uniquely delivered for all levels maintaining accessibility for all students who attend.  Ideal for both men and women looking to improve posture, dance coordination, soniquete , detail and arte.

These are held on a fortnightly basis in the cities above. If you would like us to tour your city, drop us a line.

FOR BOOKINGS CALL – 0415 384 038

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