Summer School Intensive 2022

30TH January, 11AM to 3.30pm, Alexandria.

This one day Flamenco intensive is carefully designed for teachers, choreographers and performing artists. It will be held at The Sydney Choreographic Centre, Level 1, 5 – 7 Bourke Rd, Alexandria.

This is a theoretical, musical and movement program. An intensive into Flamenco Dance Theatre storytelling. No previous Flamenco experience is required, though participants must have proficient dance experience in any genre. Mature aged, retired artists are encouraged to enrol.

“I am super eager to introduce performing artists to the world of Flamenco Dance Theatre. We will work on Flamenco dance, choreography, musicianship and their intimate relationships through introducing the theory of cante (song). Each artist will be given an opportunity to participate through storytelling exploration, initiating a deeply spiritual and profound approach to reconnecting within themselves and their stories. Using the discourse of this art form, we will learn to tap into the improvisation space. I look forward to seeing you “.

Book online… Be quick to book as there is a limit capacity due to COVID19 social distancing rules. Please bring and wear masks.