Classes for all levels Beginners to Advanced

Monthly residency with teachers direct from Spain

Aitor Hernandez   Marina Tamayo 

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced, Professional dance class.

Technique, choreography, rhythm and percussion.

Registrations and inquiries via admin@flamencoaustralia.com or 0145384038


20th October    3.30pm – 6pm

10th November 3.30pm – 6pm 

15th December  3.30pm – 6pm 

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Recent Reviews

“All the information given succinctly and interestingly. The immediacy with which we were drawn into experiencing the rhythms and steps of the dance was exhilarating and our success was intoxicating ” by Maggie March, 

” I loved the teacher she was incredible; very skilled and a great sense of humor – she ignited a flame in us all and I was smiling throughout the hour I spent with her. I felt more confident in the end and that I love this style of dance. A big thank you!” Jenny March

“Marina is a wonderful teacher. She’s supportive, encouraging and engaging. We learn not only the technical aspects of the dance but also about the culture of flamenco. There are often guitarists and singers who join us in class and wonderful dancers from Spain who offer exciting workshops at all levels. Absolutely recommend this class!”  Alba

“Thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Not too daunting! Brilliant cardio without loss of breath! Well priced & definitely value for money. Keen to learn more!” Craig

“Really enjoyed the introduction course to Flamenco! Marina is a very patient and encouraging teacher, especially for the uncoordinated like me! ” Lucy, 

World class tuition in a nurturing learning environment. Classes consist of : Flamenco basics, technique, choreography,  Danza Espanola, Folk dance, Contemporary bodywork, Castanets, Cajon

Marina’s driving passion is in the training of students for performance, educate the community in the Spanish and Flamenco art forms and dedicates her time providing career paths for visiting professionals in teaching, training, and private coaching.

This constructivist approach is the premise to the success of Flamenco Australia.  FA embraces learning. It encourages and embraces diversity, sharing of knowledge, aspiring the young professionals and inspiring the student.

Marina and Aitor identify flamenco teaching as not about modulating the individual, to be the same as another, but to find the voice of the inner soul and craft it, so it has the capacity to not only communicate but to connect with others, whilst maintaining its uniqueness.