Flamenco Dance, Music & Culture

Flamenco Australia™
 is the premier agency for professional flamenco artists, classes & entertainment in Australia.

We provide FLAMENCO for dance, music, theatre, film, festivals, television, corporate & special events.

Flamenco is a multi-discipline artform centered around the fours pillars of:

  • Flamenco Dance
  • Flamenco Song
  • Flamenco Guitar
  • Flamenco Percussion

What is Flamenco?

For aficionados it is a way of life!

For newcomers, it is exciting, sensual and filled with passion.

Click here to learn more… “What is Flamenco!”

Based in Sydney, Australia we provide a range of services to the Pan Pacific AustralAsian and the Australian community.

Our Flamenco Services:

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