Code of Conduct

Flamenco Australia

Code of Conduct

Role of a Student

A student of FA always:

  • Is courteous and respectful to everyone with whom he/she comes in contact with
  • Respects other’s ideas and opinions
  • Uses good judgment and does not behave inappropriately
  • Is a role model to all students at FA and conducts themselves accordingly
  • Conducts themselves with behavior beyond reproach in Public
  • Shows mutual peer respect by attending all rehearsals; arriving on time and remaining for the duration of the rehearsal
  • Shows mutual peer respect by attending all Competitions and Conventions when their dance(s) are being performed
  • Shows mutual peer respect by attending all performances when their dance(s) are scheduled
  • Commits to FA rehearsals and performances if applicable
  • Dresses appropriately for performances arriving groomed.

Flamenco del Mar Performing Company


  1. Attendance to all rehearsals is extremely important. We will be taking attendance and keeping careful record throughout the upcoming contract period. To be excused from any rehearsal, you must send an e-mail or contact Marina Tamayo 24 hours in advance.
  2. Dancers MUST be in attendance the week of rehearsals before a competition or performance of any type. If a dancer is absent the week before competition or performance they may not be eligible to perform.
  3. Dancers are expected to arrive 10-15 minutes PRIOR to their rehearsal time. If you are running late to a rehearsal and/or choreography session you must call the studio at 0415384038 and leave a message for Marina. If a dancer must miss a choreography session it is up to that dancer to contact a fellow dancer and learn the choreography missed. It is expected that the dancer will know the choreography by the next choreography session.
  4. Dancers are required to attend their ballet or technique class at Flamenco Australia. Class attendance will be monitored. Technique class time is just as important as rehearsal time. It is during class that dancers build their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses.
  5. Dancers will be dismissed from Company performance if they are consistently and consecutively absent.

Flamenco Australia Student Responsibilities

  1. Dancers are expected to be responsible for their rehearsal schedules as well as any and all other paper-work that is distributed to them. E-mail will be used to communicate all information. Dancers and/or parents should check their e-mail daily.
  2. Dancers are expected to be responsible for all costuming, shoes, and accessories. Any dancer who fails to bring the proper shoes, accessories, or piece of their costume to a performance, runs the risk of not being able to perform.
  3. Dancers are expected to bring shoes to rehearsals. If a dancer does not have her shoes, then she may not participate in the class or rehearsal. Check with your choreographer before purchasing shoes to see what kind he/she would like you to have for the class.
  4. Dancers are expected to wear proper and professional attire to rehearsals, classes, as well as any events where they will be representing Flamenco Australia and Flamenco del Mar Dance Company. Excessively baggy clothes, inappropriate shorts and/or short skirts not encouraged. Hair is preferred to be tied back at all times.
  5. Dancers are expected to maintain a professional attitude during rehearsals, choreography sessions and all events. You are representing both Flamenco Del Mar Company and Flamenco Australia. Poor behavior will be taken seriously. Action may be taken.
  6. As a student of Flamenco Australia, dancers/musicians are expected to respect their fellow artists at all times. Flamenco Australia is about group effort and there is a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to: put downs, bad attitudes, negativity, and poor sportsmanship.
  7. Any dancer who decides to act in a negative manner toward fellow teammates or staff will be dealt with at the discretion of the choreographer and/or rehearsal manager, and could potentially be dismissed from the company.
  8. Dancers must respect ALL choreographers and rehearsal managers at all times. Disrespectful behavior will NOT be tolerated and will be dealt with at the discretion of the choreographer and/or rehearsal manager.
  9. Disruptive behavior of any kind (i.e. Arguing, gossiping, in rehearsals, classes, etc.) will be taken seriously and will be dealt with at the discretion of the choreographer and/or rehearsal manager.


  1. If U18years,dancers must be accompanied by an adult or guardian when attending events.
  2. Dancers and parents are asked to be supportive of Flamenco Del Mar Dance Company as well as Flamenco Australia. It is imperative that any and all comments that could potentially be negative about our company and/or studio are kept to yourself. If you have a concern or a comment, please contact the Directors, and/or choreographers to express your concern. Please use e-mail or telephone to contact them during non-teaching times rather than trying to catch them in between classes.

How are student rights protected?

From time to time, as within any dynamic community, incidents may arise that can interfere with these rights. If a staff member feels a student is not operating within the code, the following steps may be taken:

  • A polite reminder/correction
  • The staff member may then warn the student of imminent removal from the class
  • An interview with the Director and the Student will follow if appropriate
  • A written note will be sent if appropriate
  • An interview may be requested if appropriate
  • Alternative measures may be arranged e.g. Change of class
  • If the issue cannot be resolved, the student will be suspended or asked to leave.

Student rights to a Safe and Happy Dance Environment

Flamenco Australia has ZERO TOLERANCE for some behaviours which will result in AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION and referral to official agencies: –

  • Carrying or taking prohibited drugs – Police will be informed
  • Assault of another person – Police will be informed
  • Any indecent behaviour – Police will be informed
  • Breech of privacy on confidential matters – Legal action will be sought
  • Defamation – Legal action will be sought
  • Harassment – Police and legal action will be sought

Management reserves the right to decline any student entry to any class whom have been found to be in breech of The Code of Conduct.

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