Flamenco Dance Classes ONLINE

Flamenco Dance, Theory, Singing, Castanets Classes Online

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, all our classes are held online. They are offered daily, weekly. Contact Marina and discuss your training objectives. 

Foto by Rachel Pigott. Dancer Silvia Labart. Copyright 2015

The Flamenco Australia™ agency manages some of the most recognized professionals in the industry across the Asia Pacific and Spain today. As well as hosting guest teachers from Spain, we also promote developing students and provide opportunities in dance performance and teaching careers within the academy and our performance groups.

Founded in 1998 by our director, Marina Tamayo, Flamenco Australia™ runs classes in multiple studios for Flamenco dance classes across Sydney CBD, Haymarket, Mosman, Hobart and launching Masterclass in Melbourne.

We ensure you learn flamenco according to its authentic, styles, roots and culture.

FOR ADULTS ONLY – Weekly dance, guitar, and percussion classes in Haymarket,   North Hobart, Mosman, and Melbourne delivered ONLINE by industry masters. 

Aspects of Spanish dance offered include Flamenco, classical, traditional contemporary, guitar, palmas, castanets, and cajon.

Are classes are now all online.

Check May Flamenco schedule. 2020


Class Terms and Agreement

      1. Fees to be paid prior to first class.
      2. Make up classes are available but must be NOT be carried into the following term.
      3. Management reserves the right to change class times.
      4. Instructors reserve the right to deny any student access to a class if found in breech of  the Code of Conduct.
      5. All students must read our Code of Conduct document, AVAILABLE HERE.

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